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SmilesLoaded is created to educate the public about health issues relating to the kinds of drugs that would be recommended for different kinds of illnesses or diseases, Dr smiles will be happy to explain to you about the kind of drugs you should use and how to use them smilesloaded website is designed for mainly health related informations and services, we believe, there is no excuses to being sick, what matters is what you do to prevent yourself from being sick, SmilesLoaded is created to proffer solutions to our everyday society’s needs for a reliable and safe ways to use your medicine with Dr Smiles Daniel a professional doctor and a graduate of Lagos state University (LASU), degree (PhD) in medical sciences here to educate and provides the public with the best quality of Contents.



SmilesLoaded was founded by Dr. Smiles Daniel a professional doctor and a graduate  of Lagos state university, first class, degree (PhD) in medical sciences, He is the sole founder of Smilesloaded At this present date – he is operating/working at “Garki Hospital Abuja” As a medical doctor, and he is always here to educate and provides the public with the best quality of Contents about Medical usage.


In the beginning of my journey, I “Dr. Smiles Daniel” faced lots of trouble with finding right information and guidance towards getting started, and i know the feelings of a worried and Sick patients when there is no one to help with the the right medical advise and guidance!

I “Dr. Smiles Daniel” decided to share my knowledge with the world as i provide answers to every question that needs an answer or Recommendations For the kinds of drugs according to the illnesses in question.

Dr. Smiles Daniel
Dr. Smiles Daniel